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Archery- Kent Bailey
Archery- Kevin James and Paras Mehra
Archery- Mark Ziegler
Archery-Paras Mehra
Archery2- Kent Bailey
Archery2- Mark Ziegler
Archery3-Kent Bailey
Canoeing- Alex Johnson and Dad
Caught One - Andrew Halterman
Diving from the floating dock
Diving2 from the floating dock
Diving3 from the floating dock
Fishing- Andrew Halterman and Jeff Miller
Ironman Canoeing - Will Wheeler and Alex Hauser
Ironman Canoeing - Will Wheeler
Ironman half mile swim test - Dan Wood
Ironman half mile swim test - Jim Symons
Ironman half mile swim test- Alex Hauser and Jim Symons
Ironman half mile swim test- Steve Siegel
Lake Courage and Delaware Island from Camp Freedom
Lake Courage- Near Camp Independence
Sailing-Patrick James and Mike Ziegler
Sailing2- Patrick James and Mike Siegler
Swimming- Kent Bailey
Troop 1137 assembles for dining
Troop 1137 assembles for dining2
Troop 1137 assembles for dining3
Troop 1137 Life Guards

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