Eagle Heriage Series #3

It is perhaps erroneous to call Eric Clark a "wanderer" but the "happy" part certainly is characteristic of him. Whenever I hear the part of the Scout Law, "A Scout is Cheerful", Eric comes to mind. Eric was almost 10 when he was "imported" to this country from his native Costa Rica. He was thought to have a learning disability and was placed in a lower grade. Years later, it was found that, instead, he had a corneal defect making it hard for him to focus and which could not be corrected until he was fully grown. In order to see more clearly, he had to squint and wear contact lenses, which never stayed in place. He never let the problem slow him down and he always had a ready smile and a willingness to help. He progressed through the ranks, holding the positions of Quartermaster, Historian and Instructor and earned his Eagle. He was finally elected to the Order of the Arrow, becoming an Ordeal member, in his last year in the troop.

After graduation from high school, he helped out with a troop of handicapped Scouts untill he went to college. The last time I talked to him, he said "We take it for granted that we can tie knots, etc.

To those handicapped Scouts , successfully completing a simple knot is a big deal.and they all cheered when someone accomplished even the simplest requirement". Talk about handicapped awareness! "

After college, he set up an export-import company and is prospering.