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Troop meetings are held every Monday that school is open at 7:30 pm during the school year. Troop meetings in July and August are few and far between and are planned around the Summer Camp and/or High Adventure Camp schedules for that summer.


Patrol meetings and outings should be held monthly and are scheduled individually by each patrol along with their adult advisors.


Troop Committee meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm. Meeting are open to all interested parents within the Troop.

Annual Planning-

An annual planning meeting for the troop is held anually in the month of August of each year to plan the Troop schedule for the coming school year. It is attended by only those adult and boy leaders of the Troop as requested by the Troop Committee and the Scoutmaster.

General Program:

Troop 1137 is an active troop with many opportunities for boys to grow, lead, serve, and advance. Each August at the Annual Planning Meeting the Troop's boy and adult leaders plan an active program for Scouts of all ages.

New Scouts-

In Troop 1137 "New" Scouts are placed into a "New Scout" Patrrol for general troop activities in order to encourage the successful transition of boys into the program and their pursuit of the initial ranks up to First Class. A team of older boy and adult leaders are assigned to work with new scouts and operate a "New Scout Program" during Troop meetings and camp outs to work on new scout skills and rank requirements.

First Class Scouts-

Experienced Scouts that hold First Class rank continue building on their Scout experience by pursuing merit badges, leadership responsibilities within the Troop, and Troop and Council Junior Leader Training opportunities.

High Adventure Program-

The National and Council Scout Organizations support High Adventure Programs that have a minimum grade, age, or rank requirement depending on the program. The Troop also has High Adventure Outings for Scouts above the First Class rank that are planned by the boys with adult coordination.

Summer Camps-

The Troop always attends a week-long summer camp each year that is open to all Scouts. Other summer camps are usually available only to Scouts eligible for the High Adventure program, however, any Scout may elect to attend other camps on his own aspart of a "provisional" troop established by the Council to attend a summer camp.

Advancement & Awards-

Scouts are recognized for Scouting accomplishments as soon a possible. Recognition is given at several stages:

  • Immediately upon meeting the requirement
  • At a Troop formation at the next Troop meeting
  • Formally at the next Troop Court of Honor.

    The timing and type of recognition differs with accomplishment. "Rank advancements" are received as a result of Troop Board of Review by committee members. "Merit Badges" are earned with counselors and completed blue merit badge cards are given to the Advancement Chair for processing. "Outing Awards" and other "General Awards" will be held and presented at the next Troop Court of Honor. The "Eagle Scout" rank award is presentedat a special Eagle Court of Honor.


    Boy Scouts of America is a uniformed organization and Troop 1137 believes it is important for all active Scouts to dress in appropriate uniform. The outing permission slips will indicate an appropriate uniform if it is different from the norm. Uniform inspections are held periodically. Proper wearing of the Scout uniform demonstrates Scoutspirit and qualifies for extra score in patrol competitions.

    Class A uniform is worn from Labor Day to Memorial Day at Troop activities, especially for all Boards of Review and Court of Honors. The Class A uniform consists of:

    1. shirt & pants (short/long dependent on season)
    2. brown or official Scout socks,
    3. appropriate shoes or boots
    4. Troop 1137 neckerchief and slide (with special Eagle scout or Woodbadge neckerchief exceptions)
    5. Red shoulder appeletts
    6. Belt
    7. Name tag (when provided by Troop)
    8. Merit badge sash (required only at Boards of Review, Courts of Honor, and other special occasions)
    9. Troop hat (optiona)l
    10. Required insignia (see Scout Handbook for placement):
    11. Red "1137" numerials
    12. American Flag
    13. World Crest
    14. National Captial Area Council strip
    15. Patrol emblem

    Class B uniform is an orange Troop 1137 t-shirt and can be worn during the summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day and otherappropriate times for strenuous activities as may be directed by the Scoutmaster.